Tips for Men


Your audience makes a judgement about you in the first seven seconds of meeting you. You appearance is generally the first thing people notice. If you have to question your attire before you go to work, It’s probably not right. Brand Identity – the outward expression and visual appearance perceived by a target audience. If you have to ask “Can I wear this to work?” the answer is “no”.  Err on the conservative side when in doubt.


Clothes are rarely ready to wear, consider your tailor your new best friend. Never finish any parts of your garment at the widest point of your body. Creating an unbroken clothing line creates continuity and the longest looking silhouette. Clothing that is fitted, not tight, is the most flattering. Clothing that is too tight or too loose will create volume.


Suit, Hugo Boss (


Keep it simple and clean. Wearing too dressy or too casual can be construed as an indicator of your judgement. You want your audience to see that your clothing and appearance best reflect “YOU” and your company’s brand.  Make sure your appearance is clean, well-groomed, and polished.


Navy and dark gray are safe and are the most conservative. Black for men was once considered severe or overly formal, and may still be considered so in very conservative industries, although it is commonly worn by many. Color trends come and go.  Avoid extremes. Choose a solid or very subtle weave pattern or plaid, the kind that look solid across a room. Wool, and wool blends, or very high quality blends with natural fibers are acceptable. A white shirt under a jacket or sweater works with most skin tones.


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