Tips for Women

Do’s and Don’ts in attire:

1. Always wear clean, pressed clothing

2. Your skirt length should be at the knee, either just above or just below

3. Avoid low cut or overly sheer tops



You appearance is generally the first thing people notice. Your audience makes a judgement about you in the first seven seconds of meeting you. If you have to question your attire before you go to work, It’s probably not right. Brand Identity – the outward expression and visual appearance perceived by a target audience. If you have to ask “Can I wear this to work?” the answer is “no”. Err on the conservative side when in doubt.



Clothes are rarely ready to wear, consider your tailor your new best friend. Never finish any parts of your garment at the widest point of your body. Creating an unbroken clothing line creates continuity and the longest looking silhouette. Clothing that is fitted, not tight, is the most flattering.  Clothing that is too tight or too loose will create volume.


Appropriate Fabrics and Colors:

Fabric must compliment your body structure. Look at the surface and texture of the fabric. Sometimes textures and heavier weaves can add unflattering bulk. A surface with shine adds more volume than a matte finish.  For example, a matte jersey will drape and skim versus a high-sheen satin jersey, which adds width and outlines every lump and bump. A monochromatic clothing line is the easiest on the eye.  Creating an unbroken clothing line creates the longest, leanest silhouette.


To be confident with your clothing color at you work place, the safety net is to choose neutral tones such as navy, brown, gray, slate blue, and black.


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