Summer Handbags

Many of my clients ask me what, basic, color and style of handbag works well with a Summer wardrobe.  There so many colorful handbags to choose from.  If I had room in my closet, I would have one in every color.  Fortunately, I don’t have the room, so I have two neutral colored bags.  I own a tan handbag, and a bag that is a sand color in a tightly woven fabric with a neutral leather handle.  I stay away from white handbags because it does not blend well with my clothing choices.  White also has a tendency to gray over time and get dirty faster.
I tell all of my clients to find that neutral colored bag, in a medium size.  I suggest a bag that has structure, not sloppy, that has a combination of curves and angles.  I encourage them to hold the handbag with a relaxed, extended arm.  This will ensure that the handbag does not end at a wide area of the body such as, the hip, midsection, or under the arm at the bust.  This eliminates visually added volume in those areas, creating an elongated appearance.
Prada (
She is showing where on her body to hold her bag.

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