Jeans Men

Recently, one of my male clients suggested that I talk about how to find the right fit and style in a pair of jeans.  When I am partner shopping, and jeans are on the shopping list, I work with the expert at Mario’s Portland, Oregon, Ray Frazier.  His request before we walk in the store is “make sure you are willing to take the time to try several styles and different fits.”  I will have ready in the dressing room as many different styles, sizes, and dyes that I can find.  Then start trying them on.
Ray Frazier at Mario’s. Men’s Denim Specialist.
Here are a few tips:
1)  Denim with a 2 to 3 percent stretch fabric content keeps the jeans from shrinking.
2)  Size down in stretch denim.  It tends to warm to the body temperature and give a bit.
3)  A solid darker denim is more uniform and is great for casual Friday, if jeans are allowed.
4)  When trying “Raw Denim,” or denim that does not have elastine in it, buy them snug. They will give like a pair of leather shoes.
5)  Make sure the waist fits when trying and is comfortable.
6)  Hem length: With a narrow leg opening, the hem should end midway between the heel and the opening of the shoe. With a wider leg opening, the hem should end between the bottom and top of the heel, but not touching the floor.
7)  Colored jeans. If your on the fence about trying them, just put them on. You will see how great they look.
AG jeans in a relaxed fit for a more athletic build.
Hudson jeans in solid denim.

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