Brunello Cucinelli

If you’ve been following my BLOG, a common theme is to educate people on what clothing pieces work best for their body shape, personal style, and lifestyle.  Another passion of mine is cooking. I am an Italian FOODIE!  Recently I was looking through Bon Appetit, the June 2013 issue, and was pleased to fine an article on Brunello Cucinelli, “the king of Italian cashmere”.  I have been dressing my clients throughout the years, with timeless pieces from Brunello’s collections.  I immediately picked up the phone and telephoned Audrey Anderson, the Cucinelli speacialist at Mario’s downtown Portland, OR.

Brunello-Cucinelli-spring-summer-2013-campaign-01 Untitleddrawing-11



 Audrey confirmed why I feel the line works:

What amazes me about Brunello Cucinelli clothing is the fact that there is something for every different body type. Any woman, any age, can wear his clothes and look effortlessly elegant. His clothes are incredibly comfortable to wear. The quality and craftsmanship of each garment is perfection. Once you start wearing his clothes, there’s no going back!





Cucinelli’s company lies in Solomeo, Italy, the abandoned village he purchased and restored. He employs many of the townspeople. He serves homemade Umbrian comfort food, prepared from scratch by three warm, no nonsense Umbrian women. The 90 minute meal is served to all workers. Cucinelli says “lunching together gives everyone a chance to socialize, to be together, and to unplug one’s brain from work”.
What a concept, right?

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