Silhouette and Dresses from Mabel and Zora

When I work with clients, part of the process is educating them on their body shape, what clothing items work for their body shape, what doesn’t, and why. If you look at the body shapes on my website, you can view your body shape.

Doris Stripe Dress



The silhouette of this dress is perfect for the Pear/Triangle body shape. The horizontal striping on the top, with a dark semi fitted skirt will minimize the hip area.

Holly Dress


The cut of this dress is perfect for an Hourglass body shape. The top and skirt are in alignment, with a nice contour at the waist. The necklace creates a balanced division between the shoulders.

Belle Tank Dress

tiffany_bean_belle_tank_dress_1_1024x1024 tiffany_bean_holly_dress_oval_1_1024x1024


This will be perfect for the Inverted Triangle. The V – Neck divides the shoulder line, and the wide shoulder straps end on the shoulder, not capping them. A tapered waist creates the illusion of a waist, and the skirt follows the uncluttered line of the top.

Clothing from Mabel and Zora, Portland, Oregon.



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