Office Dress Codes – Comfortable, yet Professional!

Office dress codes can be a very gray area for employees vs. human resource departments.  I have been revising and updating “appropriate and professional attire” for several companies.  First, I talk with employees and management, to understand what dress goals they would like to accomplish, who their audience is, and why they feel it is important for change.

Employees tell me that they want to be comfortable, yet look professional.  Getting away from the suit and tie look, or skirt suit with hosiery, seems to be a common theme.

There is no one dress code for the different types of employment, but one common standard is, proper grooming and etiquette.  If you take care of your self, it shows that you respect yourself and those around you.




In this case, I have pulled together a few looks for men and women.  These are not “casual” looks, but professional, updated, comfortable, and fashion forward.







0991-80503 pR7523

DSCN0010 DSCN1003




3 thoughts on “Office Dress Codes – Comfortable, yet Professional!

  1. This post make me want to adhere to my companies policies (I work at a bank in the Corp Offices) yet I just can never get myself to do it. I am probably the WORST dressed employee out of the 10,000 that have jobs here. I just don’t care anymore. At first when I tried to get away with wearing things that wouldn’t be considered “business casual” anywhere, it was more of me trying to push the envelope. I did have my boss mention that I should probably change what I wore but she eventually left her job so I went back to my normals ways…but worse. I had a baby 7 months ago and returned back to work ealier than the one year mat leave but with that, I still have some baby fat to lose and it doesn’t allow me to get into my old clothes yet (such as suit pants etc) and I can’t go out spending money to get new clothes when I’m just going to lose the weight and never be able to wear the new clothes again. I think a part of me is just lazy and I don’t care and until someone says something to me, I will probably continue to have those days where I should be sent home to change but until then I will just have to make do with what I have. Ugh

    • Congratulations on your new addition to your family.
      I always tell my clients, “when you feel well put together, you feel more confident, and you look more confident.” The first thing I suggest that you do, is pull up my section on Body Silhouettes. Look in the mirror facing front, and ask your self some basic questions. Are my shoulders wider than my hips, are my hips wider than my shoulders, etc. What you need to accomplish is a balanced clothing line. Weight will fluctuate, but your bone structure or “body silhouette” is constant.

      My feeling is that you need to invest in a few key pieces (look at my photos in this section), and understand that as you loose weight, clothing can be easily altered. Build upon these pieces over time. Things that are inexpensive, yet add a bit of trend and confidence to any given day, are neck scarves, new lipsticks, new gold or silver colored hoop earrings. Accessories!

      Don’t just make do. Follow the photos that I post to get some great ideas.

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