The White Cotton Blouse

The “White Cotton Blouse” is one of the most versatile items any woman can incorporate into a workable wardrobe.  A white cotton blouse is clean and understated, which starts as canvas for a casual, or a high fashion look.


Carolina Herrera, a very elegant and stylish designer of women’s fashions, is known for her signature “White Cotton Blouse”.  Whether combining it with an elegant evening skirt, or casually with a pair of jeans, she has put it together with perfection.


When trying to find the right fit in the blouse, I instruct my clients to fit the fullest part of the torso first, and then alter in.  For example, if your shoulders are the fullest or widest, buy the blouse to fit the shoulders, and taper in the rest of the blouse.  A blouse can be altered in many ways, pulling in the shoulders, tapering at the waist, shortening the sleeves, etc.

I have created a few easy ways to create beautiful looks wearing the white blouse.


Have Fun!


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