I am writing this to all ladies who hate bras! When I first started working with Gina, she recommended I get professionally fit for this all important undergarment. I postponed the fitting because I truly felt bras would never fit me and would always be uncomfortable. You must know that as a woman over fifty, I have deep roots in previous convictions! Well, I am here to tell you, I went to a professional fitter last week and I cannot believe how quickly old ideas melted away. My new bras are incredibly comfortable, give me a better shape, and posture! I encourage all who have felt hesitant to be fitted, you will be pleasantly surprised!

– GJ, Artist and Socialite

I have worked with Gina for the past three years to streamline my wardrobe and create a more flattering and polished appearance. I was always buying “outfits” and wearing them the same way each time.  Gina taught me how to take the outfit apart and create many different looks by adding or changing accessories, shoes, underpinnings, or using the pieces interchangeably with other clothes in my closet.  She took one cute red jacket and created 10 different outfits just by putting it with different pants, skirts, blouses, t-shirts, scarves, jewelry and shoes.  Now when I travel, I can use the red jacket to create everything from daytime with jeans and walking shoes, to dinner with dress and heels.  And it all looks fabulous.

With Gina’s expertise, it’s no longer about just putting on an outfit – I know that I look polished and that what I am wearing is flattering to my body and enhancing my best features.

One of the best things Gina does is go through my current clothes and help me decide which I really love, which pieces look good on me(and which don’t) and which clothes to sell or give away.  Once that’s done, she pulls together outfits from what has been kept, then we know what new things need to be bought to make the wardrobe complete.

Before working with Gina, I always bought the same style of clothing which I knew looked good on me.  She has taught me that I have so many more options to choose from.  It is so much fun to go shopping with her and see all the great clothes I can now wear.

– Carole Kinnune, Board Member and Socialite


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